South city Hall

44.99 EUR

Welcome to The City Hall of Los Santos! How can I help you today?

The South City hall of Los Santos is now open for all the paperwork you need for your new car.  This bureaucracy Heaven is available for 44.99 € (without taxes)

List of rooms in the building:
- Mayor Office + Mayor Deputy Office + Advisor Office
- Mayor Secretary area
- 2 Open offices
- 4 Offices
- 2 Toilets (one men, one women)
- 1 Archive
- 1 Governor office + 2 Governor agent offices
- Main hall with reception, press area and Security office
- rest area on second level
- Briefing room
- Meeting room

Outside modification and entrance :
- windows open (only for the inside for some of the front building windows)
- 2 entrance (1 for staff from the back, 1 from the front)

All Updates, supports and any communications with me and the one I work with are on my discord :










Step 1 : Drag and drop the folder into your server resources with this format (Ressources>nameofmystuff>modconfig+stream>little files)
Step 2 : Go to your Server Config and add the "nameofmystuff" in your server config files
Step 3 : pray to the server to make it available to your players

technical detail and working team
Some texture made by Cosmo