Ponsonbys extension

This item is free.

This is a little a little extension of the ponsonbys clothe shop in a roleplaying perspective with a place to show new collection to customer and a little office. The walls was destroyed with some dynamite and the curtain was deleted to let people move inside

new rooms and other details :
- the sofa was moved outside of the new area. There is now 3 sofa on the right to sit down.
- A office for the shop owner and his employee
- curtain cut off with a scissor to make it available for everyone to go in
- New showroom to show the new collection

All Updates, supports and any communications with me and the one I work with are on my discord : https://discord.gg/pCDd5aNaey


Step 1 : Drag and drop the folder into your server resources with this format (Ressources>nameofmystuff>modconfig+stream>little files)
Step 2 : Go to your Server Config and add the "nameofmystuff" in your server config files (no interiorproxie use because using the ymap of the game)
Step 3 : pray to the server to make it available to your players