Ark North City Hall

14.99 EUR

Howdy partner! The Mayor wants to meet you with the new sherif. This little North Townhall [MLO FIVEM]  near the best shop and on the road 66 is available for 14,99€ (without taxes)


List of rooms in the Townhall:

- 1 reception with waiting area
- 2 office
- 1 mayor office
- 1 meeting room
- 1 resting area + safe wall (post)

Cleaned exterior + another flag and an atm (just in case someone need some good old green cash)

All Updates, supports and any communications with me and the one I work with are on my discord :

MLO with new interior and exterior + building opened with some dynamite


Step 1 : Drag and drop the folder into your server resources with this format (Ressources>nameofmystuff>modconfig+stream>little files)
Step 2 : Go to your Server Config and add the "nameofmystuff" in your server config files
Step 3 : pray to the server to make it available to your players

technical detail and working team

Billboard made by cosmo